Nivita Makelaars your Independent & Certified Purchasing Agency specialized in Expats and Repats

Why are expats and repats choosing us?

1. No conflict of interest; our only interest is you

As an independent & certified buying agency we have no conflict of interest. Our only interest is you. We guarantee personal involvment and advice during the entire buying process. From determing your housing wishes, viewings, negotiations, property checks, structural survey, pre-sale agreement, contact with your mortgage advisor untill the key transfer of your dream home!

Know your buyer, that is the motto of home purchasing agency Nivita Makelaars. Buying a house is an important decision. Even more in a foreign country with a foreign language. This is also the fundament of our cooperation. It is important to us to go through your wishes in detail. We also explain the purchasing process and what the pitfalls are.

Home purchasing agency Nivita Makelaars is a member of the branch association for certified brokers and appraisers. This way you can be sure that you have an expert advisor on your side.

2. Highly qualified negotiator

The housing market is currently very tense. There is a lot of demand and little supply in homes. The mortgage interest rate is also hystorically low. This has resulted in multiple bidders and significantly risen house prices. It is our job that you do not pay too much for your home. Because of our experience, we know what a realistic house price and a good investment value is.

We know the area very well and know exactly which sales has been closed. Also we know what the prices are of all sales and comparable houses in the area. These are not the online asking prices but the actual purchase prices. This allows us to quickly determine a realistic starting bid for your dream home. Make use of our expertise right now.

3. Nivita Makelaars your home purchasing agency will evaluate the technical condition

We will view the house with you and will give you an evaluation of the technical condition of the house. The first viewing is even free. This way you will have an impression of our work style.

During the viewings we pay attention to things like cracks, sagging, window frames, maintenance and more. After the viewing we tell you what a realistic price is for the house given the condition.

4. Nivita Makelaars  your home purchasing agency is The Specialist in buying an apartment

Purchasing agency Nivita Makelaars has also managed real estate / apartments in the past. Through this experience we know everything about the home owner’s association (HOA/ VvE in Dutch). During the purchase of an apartment we explain the HOA documents to you such as the financial budget and the financial statement. This way you immediately know if you will become the owner of a well functioning  association.

More information about buying an apartment: Association of Owners (VvE).

5. Nivita Makelaars your home purchasing agency has excellent buyer reviews

You may find it pleasant to know how other buyers judge us as a home purchasing agency.
Read some buyer reviews on our Website.

6. Nivita Makelaars your home purchasing agency has more than 10 years of experience in the real estate business

We know all the ins & outs of the local market. We buy houses day after day, year after year. Let’s meet for a cup of coffee to talk about your housing wishes.

7. Pleasant communication is important to Nivita Makelaars your home purchasing agency

A pleasant communication is important for a successful purchase. We keep you informed on a daily base concerning the progress through telephone, whats app and email. For example: we call you back immediately after a negotiation so you never have to wait in suspense. This is highly appreciated by buyers.

8. Whats app 24/7 of accessibility

Nivita Makelaars your purchasing agency is available 24/7 per whats app. You will always receive a message from us. During the day we are also reachable through phone and e-mail.

9. Purchase fee Nivita Makelaars

Nivita Makelaars takes care of the entire purchase guidance to perfection. Our fee structure is composed of a fixed and variable fee depending on the price range in which you want to buy. The purchase fee starts from 3,250 euros + 10% of the negotiation result including VAT. Sometimes you have to pay more than the asking price because there are more potential buyers. In that case there is no negotiating result and we will not charge you anything extra. 

As a buyer you have many questions in mind, especially if you are going to buy a house for the first time. Questions such as what should I look for during a viewing, how is the structural condition of the house, how should I negotiate the price, how is the system in the Netherlands. Do you want expert guidance during viewings? Do you want a professional who can negotiate smartly? Take advantage of Nivita Makelaars, your home purchasing agency . Currently houses are sold very quickly with the result that you do not have a lot of time to overthink the purchase. We quickly come in action when you have found your dream home. A smile on your face and a good feeling about your new home, that’s what we stand for! If you are satisfied with the purchase, our mission is successful!

More information about the exact purchase process: What does a home purchasing agency do for me as a buyer?

Nivita Makelaars donate 5% of the brokerage fee to a charity. You can determine this charity yourself! More information about this: Corporate Social Responsibility

 Buying a house is an important step. Consciously or unconsciously, emotion comes into play here. How nice is it that you are guided step-by-step in this process. Personal contact and advice are paramount. We think it is important to know you as a customer. This is also the basis of our cooperation.

If you are satisfied with the purchase, our mission is successful!

Working area: Amsterdam – Amstelveen – Delft – The Hague- Leiden – Leidschendam – Voorburg – Rotterdam- Utrecht – Wassenaar – Westland – Zoetermeer

 06 – 866 43027

whats app 24/7 reachable

We had found our dream house on an open house day, Nivita did the negotiations for us and ensured that we could buy the house for a lot below the asking price, including all the furniture that was offered for acquisition. Nivita was always accessible via telephone, whatsapp and e-mail and proactively contacts us to ensure that the pressure remains on the process, also with the mortgage application and during the contact with the notary. Price quality of her services is also very good, and Nivita Makelaars gives 5% of the broker fee to a charity that you can choose yourself. We are very happy that we have chosen Nivita as our buying agent, better is almost impossible.

Clear and personal advice, a lot of knowledge and a pleasant cooperation! It is our first house and we had a lot of questions and We always got a clear answer, from orientation to bidding. Personal, knowledgeable and a pro. We are very satisfied and definitely recommend Nivita Makelaars.

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